MarForm Primar MX 4 XXL
MarForm Primar MX 4 XXL

MarForm Primar MX 4 XXL

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The Primar MX4 XXL is ideal for measuring crankshafts with their specific requirements regarding form and position measurements.

The centering and tilting table is designed with extra-large adjustment ranges (centering range ± 72 mm in both X and Y direction). This enables alignment of the bearings to the C-axis with an accuracy of 1 µm.
When measuring conrods, the XXL table offers a diagonal measuring path of 180 mm which makes it possible to center both eyes.

For further information concerning the basic machine see  Primar MX 4.


  • Measurements of crankshafts
  • Measurements of connecting rods

Measuring Station Components
Optionally, the Primar MX4 XXL can also be fitted with a counter support to mount testpieces between centers.

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