MarSurf LD 120 MarWin Contour and Roughness Measurement System
MarSurf LD 120 MarWin

MarSurf LD 120 MarWin Contour and Roughness Measurement System

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Mahr's MarSurf LD 120 universal contour and surface system is a compact measuring station. Combined contour and roughness measurements can be precisely solved in one measuring run with the leading Mahr technology and metrology. The MarSurf UD 120 and MarSurf LD 120 enable high-precision measurements in the nm range. Patented solutions, such as the probe arm changer, distinguish these measuring stations for automatic measuring operation.

The MarSurf LD 120 has been well-estabilished on the market for years already and represents the leading technology for contour and roughness measurements. Residual values of Rz=35 nm or the dynamic measuring force control between 0.5 and 30 mN, guarantee highest precision.

In combination with a universal measuring, control and evaluation software by Mahr, MarSurf LD 120 provides you with a leading technology measuring station for contour and roughness. MarSurf  LD 120 is delivered with the XCR 20 CNC software
package which is built upon the MarWin platform.  This modular software provides you with an extensive measuring and evaluation comfort for contour and roughness. The drive unit axes as well as the measuring stand axis e.g., can be controlled both with the joystick or by the software program.

Roughness and contour in one measuring run:  You need only a fraction of the time and your work is faster, more reliable and more efficient. After just one measurement,
you have all the roughness and contour results characteristics at a glance.  This leaves you more time for other tasks!
The most modern converter technology for small tolerances allows for high accuracy over a large measuring range with high resolution. You can manage measuring tasks with narrow tolerances and therefore take on new challenges.
Innovative tracing arm concept for maximum stability: The tracing arms which have been designed using bridge-building techniques ensure maximum rigidity, low oscillation measurements and unwavering precision. They are your bridges - to new dimensions of flexibility!
Probe arms with magnetic holder: The magnetic holders ensure a high degree of system and collision protection as well as longevity.

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