MSI Viking First US Distributor for Netherlands-based INNOVATEST

MSI Viking is proud to announce representation of INNOVATEST. New to the United States, this highly respected brand of advanced hardness testing machines incorporate load cell closed loop technology. This sophisticated load application system is far superior to dead weight systems, but also superior to other electronic force application systems that do not incorporate force feedback control. The force feedback system is the ultimate guarantee that no force "overshoot" takes place during the entire testing procedure. Without force feedback control, electronic/deadweight systems could provide more force than allowed and eventually create incorrect hardness readings. 

INNOVATEST hardness machines meet or exceed ISO, ASTM and JIS standards, including the new ASTM E18-19.

The Graphical User interface of INNOVATEST hardness testers contains industry preferred applications and offers easy to learn, advanced workflow control. A simple test can be set up and conducted in about 3 seconds. The IMPRESSIONS software layout & functions will not only match your application requirements, but also meet the needs and preferences of your operators. A user level management system maximizes their comfort and efficiency.

Unique in the industry, INNOVATEST designs and manufactures their own load cells and load cell amplifiers. By not making use of standard products, the we insure the force that needs to be applied is controlled by a system that is developed for its purpose.

MSI Viking is proud to represent the exceptional line of INNOVATEST hardness testing products. MSI Viking is also your complete solution for service, calibration, repair, parts & accessories for the complete line of products.
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For product demonstrations or more information, contact our INNOVATEST Product Specialists, Randy Leifheit at 864.270.6637, or Don Lasure at 336.306.4809