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Brand: MSI-Viking Gage
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Call Your MSI-VG Sales Representative for available CMM calibration and service packages.

Why choose to calibrate your CMM with certified ZEISS technicians?
  • Proper care and annual calibration service is proven to drastically minimize unexpected emergency downtime.
  • Through their extensive training, these highly skilled technicians know your CMM better than anyone and are able to optimize both accuracy and reliability.
  • ISO 10360 procedures are strictly adhered to by ZEISS technicians and Accredited ISO 17025 service is available as well.
  • The ZEISS Care package of Annual Calibration service and Software Maintenance manages your cost of ownership, drastically reduces your risk, and allows for simplified annual budget planning.
  • The popular ZEISS Care Complete package includes the most thorough calibration, generous discounts on parts, styli, etc, and even a full drive & bearing warranty!