MSI Viking is proud to announce its partnership with MICROREP of Italy. MICROREP’s premier unit is the DMS 680 Universal Length Measuring System. The 680 is a true workhorse, capable of measuring plain, thread and spline gages, as well as instruments. The unit is highly accurate and outfitted with powerful gage management and measurement software, PC and readout. Your DMS 680 will also come with a cross holder, clamping device, large and small contact arms, mounting table and contact tip holder. This unit is an all-in-one solution for a fraction of the cost of its competition, starting at only $58,900. MICROREP also offers 800mm and 1200mm Length Measuring models, which come complete with setting instruments. Rounding out MICROREP’s offerings is the TPH.01 Temperature/Humidity measuring unit and data logger. This unit is supplied with software for the user to manage, program and download data. For more information, to schedule a demo or request a formal quote, please contact you MSI Viking Sales Representative or e-mail us today.