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Mahr 4246205 MM 220 Microscope; 100/100 XY; QC 200
MarVision Measuring Microscope MM 220

Mahr 4246205 MM 220 Microscope; 100/100 XY; QC 200

Part Number:: 4246205
MFG ID: 4246205
Your Price $14,148.00
Retail Price:$15,720.00
Your Savings:$1,572.00(10%)
The Mahr Federal 4246205 MM 220 Measuring Microscope has 100/100 XY Measuring Range. This model includes the QC 200, a Large, high contrast backlit graphic LCD display that measure flexible, plastic parts and electronic circuit boards. Features include high quality optics for light intensive and sharp three dimensional images, zoom lenses with continuous variable magnification, an ergonomic hand wheel for focusing that can be mounted on either side making it ideal for right and left handed operators. Includes a dimmable LED Ring Light, dimmable transmitted LED light, robust cast stand, stable XY mounted table precision, quick and fine adjustment of all axes and excellent accuracy and reliability due to the optical incremental measuring system.

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