Mahr 2098125 Universal Dimensionair Air Gaging Comparator

by Mahr
ID#: 2098125-MHR
|MFGID: 2098125
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Product Information


Mahr 2098125 Universal Dimensionair Air Gaging Comparator provides the essential high quality air gage tooling to satisfy both single and dual master gaging systems. The Universal Dimensionair is part of a new series of adjustable magnification air comparators from Mahr Federal. The Comparator is based on the precision of the Standard Dimensionair but offers the ability to work both as a single master or dual master air gaging system. With it's built in magnification and zeroing controls the Universal Dimensionair also takes on the role of a dual master air gage comparator. Select the appropriate dial configuration and use it with virtually any dual master air tooling and span masters to master the gaging span to the meter. The user can set system sensitivity or scale factor by adjusting the air comparator span to correspond to the difference between minimum and maximum setting masters, thus setting the sensitivity of all the components of the gaging system.


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