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Mahr Federal 40 EWR 4151706 Micrometer; 1-2
Mahr Federal 40 EWR Digital Micrometer

Mahr Federal 40 EWR 4151706 Micrometer; 1-2"/ 25-50mm Range-SPC

Part Number:: 4151706
MFG ID: 4151706
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The Mahr Federal 40 EWR 4151706 Digital Micrometer has a measuring range of 1-2" / 25-50mm with SPC data output, OPTO RS232C or Digimatic. Other features include IP65 Class protection which makes it waterproof, a large high-contrast display with 8.5mm high digits that enable accurate, fatigue-free reading of the measurement results and a Reference-Lock function to prevent operating errors and secure the zero-position. This micrometer has an ergonomic design and thermal insulated hand as well as integrated ratchet in the the thimble to ensure both trouble free handling and accurate measurement results. The spindle and anvil are carbide tipped and the spindle is made of stainless steel, hardened throughout and ground.

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