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Mahr Federal 40A Series 4134901 Micrometer; 1-2
Mahr Federal 4134901 Outside 40A Series Micrometer

Mahr Federal 40A Series 4134901 Micrometer; 1-2" Range

Part Number:: 4134901
MFG ID: 4134901
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The Mahr Federal 40A Series 4134901 Outside Mechanical Micrometer has a measuring range of 1-2" with .0001" Graduations, .00016" Error Limit and a .025" Spindle thread pitch. Features include a hard, lacquered steel frame for measuring ranges up to 75-100mm/3-4". The spindle and anvil are made of hardened steel and carbide tipped with satin-chrome finished scales, heat insulators, an integrated ratchet with rapid drive and a locking device. Supplied with a case and setting standard.

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