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Mahr Federal 4103400 16 EWRi Caliper; 0-6
Mahr Federal 4103400 16 EWRi Caliper (Photo Representation Only)

Mahr Federal 4103400 16 EWRi Caliper; 0-6"/150mm Range-Flat Depth Rod

Part Number:: 4103400
MFG ID: 4103400
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Retail Price:$243.00
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The Mahr Federal 4103400 16 EWRi Digital Wireless Caliper has a measuring range of 0-6"/ 150mm with a Resolution of .0005"/ 0.01mm. This model includes a Flat Depth Rod. Features include the integrated Wireless Data Transmission which makes data acquisition even easier. Simply transmit your measuring data, with the freedom of cables, directly into Microsoft Office Excel or via a keyboard code into any other Windows program. Get immediate measurement due to the Reference System, has excellent resistance against dust, coolants and lubricants with protection Class IP67. Includes integrated Dirt Wipers, lapped guideway, hardened Stainless Steel slide and beam as well as Measuring blades for inside and step measurements.

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