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Mahr Federal 4118907 16 EWRI-V Caliper 8
Mahr Feder 16 EWV Universal Digital Caliper

Mahr Federal 4118907 16 EWRI-V Caliper 8"/200mm w/Accessories

Part Number:: 4118907
MFG ID: 4118907
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Retail Price:$696.00
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The Mahr Federal 16 EWV 4118907 Universal Digital Caliper Set has a measuring range of 0-8"/200mm and includes standard Accessories such as, depth measuring bride, setting gage, force measuring device and anvils for outside measurements. When combined with these accessories, this caliper has the capability to measure recesses, grooves and more. Features of the 16 EWV calipers include immediate measurement due to the Reference System, excellent resistance against dust, coolants and lubricants with the IP67 Class of Protection, MarConnect data output with a choice alternatively between USB, OPTO RS232C or Digimatic. This is a Universal caliper and can be used for many different types of measuring tasks as well as used as a standard caliper and has the ability to replace many special types of calipers. The MarCal 16 EWRi-V is a versatile precision measuring kit which can be employed in production. The kit contains interchangable contacts to meet virtually any meausrement application. The Ri-V incorporates the integrated wireless transmitter.

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