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Mahr Federal 4126702 20
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Mahr Federal 4126702 20" / 500mm Dig Depth Gage IP67 Inch/Metric

Part Number:: 4126702
MFG ID: 4126702
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The Mahr Federal 4126702 Model 30 EWR digital depth gage with excellent resistance against dust, coolants and lubricants from the Protection Class IP67. It also includes the reference lock-function, ensures both accurate and reliable results even in the most toughest workshop conditions. It includes a high-contrast display with 8.5mm high digits which enables accurate, fatigue free reading of the measurement results. Features SPC Data Output with choice of USB, OPTO RS232C or Digimatic. The reference system is extremely energy efficient as when the caliper is in standby mode; almost no power is required, thus extending the life of the battery to up to 50%. Also the lapped guide ways allow for smooth and even movement. This model has a measuring range of 0-20"/ 0-500mm with a 0.01mm /.0005" resolution.

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