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Mahr Federal 4337660 1087 R Digital Indicator, .5
Mahr 1087 R/RZ Digital Indicator

Mahr Federal 4337660 1087 R Digital Indicator, .5"; .00005"

Part Number:: 4337660
MFG ID: 4337660
Sale Price $479.00 $431.10
Retail Price:$563.00
Your Savings:$131.90(23%)
Sale Price for This Item Ends April 30th, 2019

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Mahr Federal 4337160 1087 R Digital Indicator Range.500"/12.5mm; Resolution .00005"/0.001mm; 8mm stem diameter. The new Digital Indicator MarCator 1087 R. The multi-functional Digital Indicator with a combined analog and digital display as well as tolerance and dynamic measuring functions. IP42 protection rating. Comparative measurements, Machine Set-Ups. The new Digital Indicators 1087 R are equipped with the innovative Reference-System. The zero position only has to be set one time.

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