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Mahr Federal 816 CL Digimar Motorized Height Gage 14
Mahr Federal 4429030

Mahr Federal 816 CL Digimar Motorized Height Gage 14"/350mm

Part Number:: 4429030
MFG ID: 4429030
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Retail Price:$5,850.00
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The Mahr Federal 816 CL, 4429030 Digimar Motorized Height Measuring Instrument can obtain highly accurate measurement results without any complicated procedures. With this Height Gage you have the perfect partner for simple and accurate measurements, both in the workshop or on the production line. It features well-appointed function keys that are clearly defined with each function symbol, all the standard functions can be directly executed by pressing just one key, has an integrated temperature sensor to determine temperature compensation and the Teach-In measuring program enables small serial measurements to be obtained automatically therefore reducing time and cost. This Mahr height gage is versatile with a wide range of options for data evaluation. It contains an easy to read background lit, graphic LCD display, icons and pictograms for operator guidance and memory storage for up to 99 measuring values. This model has a measuring range of 14" / 350mm.

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