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Mahr Federal Indicating Snap Gage 840F Series. Range 6-8
Mahr Federal 840F Indicating Snap Gage-Photo Representation Only

Mahr Federal Indicating Snap Gage 840F Series. Range 6-8" / 150-200mm

Part Number:: 4450004
MFG ID: 4450004
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The Mahr Federal 840F Series, Model 4450004 Indicating Snap Gage is ideal for measuring cylindrical parts such as shafts, bolts and spindles, for thickness and length measurements. It features a rugged, forged steel frame with heat insulators and the measuring spindle is mounted in long guide way with a lever-controlled retraction. The Anvil spindle can easily be fine adjusted and both the spindle and anvil spindle are constructed of hardened stainless steel, carbide-tipped measuring faces. It has an adjustable center stop for automatic alignment. This Snap Gage Series is universally applicable and extremely versatile. Each instrument spans a broad measuring range, within its range any dimension and fit can be very quickly and easily adjusted. This model has a measuring range of 6-8" / 150-200mm. INDICATOR SOLD SEPARATELY. See attached specification sheet for recommended indicating instruments.

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