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Mahr Federal Snap Gage 300P Series 0-1
Mahr Federal OMI-300P-31 Outside Snap Indicator

Mahr Federal Snap Gage 300P Series 0-1"/0-25.4mm Blade Anvils

Part Number:: OMI-300P-31
MFG ID: OMI-300P-31
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The Mahr Federal OMI-300P-31 Snap Gage for Outside diameters is used for rapid measurements of cylindrical components like shafts, bolts, pins, shanks as well as thickness and length measurements. This model has a measuring range of 0-1" / 0-25.4mm and includes Blade Anvils. The 300P Series Outside Diameter Snap Gages have a patented "Channel Lock" design that assures precisely parallel anvil surfaces throughout the full 25mm/1" range of adjustment. All gages in this series are fully adjustable with positive position locking at any point within the range. They feature large, 15.5mm/.61" square tungsten carbide anvils that provide flat, parallel, long-lasting working surfaces and ensuring precision that lasts. INDICATOR SOLD SEPARATELY.

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