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MarSurf M 400

Part Number:: 6910404
MFG ID: 6910404
Sale Price $9,440.00 $8,495.64
Retail Price:$10,490.00
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Sale Price for This Item Ends April 30th, 2019

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MarSurf M 300 Model# 6910411 Mobile Surface Roughness Wireless Measurement Device SET with Inductive skidded probe, 5 ┬Ám stylus tip, measuring force ca. 0.7 mNProvides handy and precise for on-site roughness measurements. The operation of this instrument is based on the well-proven catalog of functions which enables instrument settings such as measuring conditions, language and record contents to be selected very easily, thus offering a maximum of comfort and flexibility. The MarSurf M 300 not only meets the requirements for determination and documentation of selected parameters, but also makes most of the parameters and characteristic curves stipulated in DIN/ ISO/JIS available for the evaluation of the profile assessed. Moreover, the MarSurf M 300 offers an integrated memory for up to 40,000 results or 30 profiles, as well as the functions of tolerance monitoring, vertical scale selection and the setting of unsymmetric intersection lines for peak count calculation. Delivery as a SET. Up to 4m distance between evaluation unit and drive unit enable high flexibility for your to conduct your measurements. Especially with large, cumberson parts, the application engineer can work directly at the measuring site. The measurement can be started at the evaluation unit MarSurf M 300 or at the drive unit MarSurf RD 18. The evaluation unit stand in a "safe place" and delivers exact results without influence from the ambient conditions. SET INCLUDES M300 Evaluation Unit, RD18 Drive Unit, Standard Probe PHT 6-350, one power pack/3 plugs, height adjustment, probe protection, end-face vee-block, tracer protection slip-on vee, 2x USB cable, and more...all in a carrying case for easy transport.

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