Mark-10 F1505S-EM Test frame with EasyMESUR® control panel, vertical, short, 1,500 lbF / 6.7 kN

Brand: Mark-10
ID#: F1505S-EM-MRK
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Series F test frames with EasyMESUR® are engineered to perform a wide range of tension and compression tests, including break testing, cycling, limit testing to a load or distance, load holding, average force testing, and more.

Set up and run tests, export results, and create a report via the integrated, easy-to-use touchscreen interface – no PC or force gauge required. For unique needs, run the tester from a PC with your own custom application utilizing EasyMESUR®’s serial command library.

Sample setup and fine positioning are a breeze with available FollowMe® force-based positioning - using your hand as your guide, push and pull on the force gauge or load cell to move the crosshead at a variable rate of speed.

Engineered around a modular function platform, the EasyMESUR® run screen can be arranged with large, simple controls – or configured for more advanced applications with a selection of optional functions, including distance measurement, graphing, cycling, and more. Purchase functions and packages at time of order or enable them in the field via activation codes. All testers are shipped in a 160-hour evaluation mode, in which all functions are available.

Generous travel, clearance, and depth dimensions accommodate samples of various shapes and properties. Modular mechanical design accommodates single- and double-column extensions for oversized specimens.

Select from a broad range of force sensor capacities and an expansive array of grips and fixtures.


  • Range:1,500 lbF / 6.7 kN
  • Accuracy:±0.1% of full scale
  • Details:Rigid and precise by design
    Exceptionally rigid frames feature custom extrusion designs, engineered for stiffness. Factory compensation of test frames and force sensors ensure position accuracy of ±0.006 in / 0.15 mm under any load, at any position.
    Limit switches
    Solid-state upper and lower limit switches may be used as test limits or as test exceptions. Dual-graduated rulers aid in switch placement.
    Easy-to-service electronics
    Most electronics are housed in an integrated module, easily replaced without special tools or processes.


ID#Product NamePrice
EMF001-2-MRKMark-10 EMF001-2 Distance measurement function, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $1,748.00
Free Shipping
EMF002-2-MRKMark-10 EMF002-2 Distance limits function, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $655.50
Free Shipping
EMF003-2-MRKMark-10 EMF003-2 Preload function, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $655.50
Free Shipping
EMF004-2-MRKMark-10 EMF004-2 High speed extension, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $546.25
Free Shipping
EMF005-2-MRKMark-10 EMF005-2 Low speed extension, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $546.25
Free Shipping
EMF006-2-MRKMark-10 EMF006-2 Cycling function, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $712.50
Free Shipping
EMF007-2-MRKMark-10 EMF007-2 Break detection function, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $712.50
Free Shipping
EMF008-2-MRKMark-10 EMF008-2 Load holding function, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $712.50
Free Shipping
EMF009-2-MRKMark-10 EMF009-2 FollowMe® function, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $494.00
Free Shipping
EMF010-2-MRKMark-10 EMF010-2 Graphing & reporting function, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $1,529.50
Free Shipping
EMF011-2-MRKMark-10 EMF011-2 PC control function, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $2,075.75
Free Shipping
EMP-COMP-2-MRKMark-10 EMP-COMP-2 Complete options package, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $9,286.25
Free Shipping
EMP001-2-MRKMark-10 EMP001-2 Distance measurement package, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $2,897.50
Free Shipping
EMP002-2-MRKMark-10 EMP002-2 Speed extension package, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $1,035.50
Free Shipping
EMP003-2-MRKMark-10 EMP003-2 Advanced functionality package, F755/F755S/F1505/F1505S -EM $2,512.75
Free Shipping