Mark-10 M7-20 Force Gauge

Brand: Mark-10
ID#: M7-20-MRK
|MFGID: M7-20
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Product Information


Mark-10 M7-20 Force Gauge 20 lbF / 320 ozF / 10 kgF / 10000 gF / 100 N. Mark-10 M7-20 Force Gauge Series 7 professional digital force gauges are designed with a number of sophisticated features for the most demanding tension and compression measurement applications, up to 500 lbF -2500 N-. The gauges feature ±0.1% accuracy and a blazingly fast, industry-leading sampling rate of 14,000 Hz, producing reliable results for extremely quick-action tests.


  • Range:20 lbF / 320 ozF / 10 kgF / 10000 gF / 100 N
  • Type:Digital Force
  • Accuracy:±0.1% of full scale
  • Details:High-speed 14,000 Hz sampling rate
    Continous data capture of up to 5,000 data points, at up to 14,000 Hz, downloadable to a PC
    Individual data point memory for up to 5,000 readings, downloadable to a PC
    USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs
    Sample break detection with auto functions, including stopping movement of an ESM301/ESM301L test stand
    Automatic output / data storage / zeroing upon various event completions
    1st / 2nd peak detection
    5 units of measurement, plus Coefficient of Friction and user-defined unit with configurable name
    Programmable footswitch command string
    Programmable set points, with indicators and outputs
    Averaging mode - calculates average readings over time
    External trigger mode - for switch contact testing or remotely stopping display update
    Password protection, configurable for individual keys and calibration


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09-1214-MRKMark-10 09-1214 Multi-function Cable Series 7/5/4 to ESM303 Test Stand $128.25
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AC1051-MRKMark-10 AC1051 Footswitch for Series 7 / Model 7i $194.75
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AC1052-MRKMark-10 AC1052 Mounting Plate 0.12-500 lbF Capacities -0.5-2500 N- $57.00
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ESM303-MRKMark-10 ESM303 Motorized Test Stand Vertical 300 lbF / 1.5 kN $3,230.00
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ID#Product NamePrice
M7-012-MRKMark-10 M7-012 Force Gauge $2,303.75
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M7-025-MRKMark-10 M7-025 Force Gauge $2,303.75
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M7-05-MRKMark-10 M7-05 Force Gauge $1,995.00
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M7-10-MRKMark-10 M7-10 Force Gauge $1,805.00
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M7-100-MRKMark-10 M7-100 Force Gauge $1,805.00
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M7-2-MRKMark-10 M7-2 Force Gauge $1,805.00
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M7-20-MRKMark-10 M7-20 Force Gauge $1,805.00
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M7-200-MRKMark-10 M7-200 Force Gauge $1,995.00
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M7-5-MRKMark-10 M7-5 Force Gauge $1,805.00
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M7-50-MRKMark-10 M7-50 Force Gauge $1,805.00
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M7-500-MRKMark-10 M7-500 Force Gauge $1,995.00
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