Mark-10 MR03-20 Force Sensor

Brand: Mark-10
ID#: MR03-20-MRK
|MFGID: MR03-20
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Product Information


Mark-10 MR03-20 Force sensor 20 lbF / 320 ozF / 10 kgF / 10000 gF / 100 N. Mark-10 MR03-20 smart sensors are designed for tension and compression measurement applications in virtually every industry. Threaded holes on two sides can accept a variety of hooks and implements, making this sensor particularly well suited for inline tests.


  • Range:20 lbF / 320 ozF / 10 kgF / 10000 gF / 100 N
  • Type:Force Sensor
  • Accuracy:± 0.15% of full scale + indicator
  • Details:Member of the Plug & Test™ family of interchangeable sensors and indicators
    Rugged aluminum housing
    Measures tensile and compressive forces
    NIST-traceable certificate of calibration with data included
    Accuracy: ± 0.15% of full scale + indicator
    Weight: 0.4 lb -0.2 kg-
    Warranty: 3 years

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