Mitutoyo 06AFM380E USB-ITN-E Cable 6-Pin, Round

Brand: Mitutoyo
ID#: 06AFM380E-MIT
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Mitutoyo 06AFM380E USB-ITN-E Cable, 6-Pin, Round is compatible with Digimatic Micrometer 121,164,227 and 293 Series, Tubular Inside Micrometer 337 and 339 Series, Digimatic Holtest 468 Series, Reference Gages 515 Series, Borematic 568 Series and Hardness Testing Machines 810 Series. This cable does not incorporate a data switch, so an instrument fitted with a switch is required in order to use the instrument alone. However, the tool can be used with USB-ITPAK. (See specification sheet for more information.)


  • Specifications:USB Cable-6 Pin, Round

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