Mitutoyo 176-818A TM-505B Microscope 2x2" / 50x50mm XY Stage Travel

by Mitutoyo
ID#: 176-818A-MIT
|MFGID: 176-818A
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Mitutoyo TM-505B, 176-818A Toolmaker's Microscope is compact optical measuring tool used for inspection and measurement of machined workpieces. The eyepiece section of the optical tube incorporates a vernier protractor. Angle measurement is performed easily by turning the protractor to align the cross-hair reticle with the workpiece image. Features a complete selection of interchangeable reticles. Both the transmitted and reflected illumination intensity can be adjusted to obtain optimal illumination intensity for the workpiece. Two XY stages with different travel ranges, 2" x 2" / 50mm x 50mm and 4" x 2" / 100mm x 50mm, are available. The TM-505 can output XY coordinate data with optional Digimatic Micrometer heads. Highly efficient two-dimensional data processing is available by connecting the Micrometer heads to an SPC tool. This model has a 2 x 2" / 50 x 50mm XY Stage Travel with a total magnification of 30X.


  • Range:2 x 2" / 50 x 50mm XY Stage Travel
  • Type:Toolmaker's

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