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Mitutoyo 178-561-02A SJ-210 Portable Surftest Standard Drive 4mN
Mitutoyo 178-561-02A Surface Roughness Tester

Mitutoyo 178-561-02A SJ-210 Portable Surftest Standard Drive 4mN

Part Number:: 178-561-02A
MFG ID: 178-561-02A
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The Mitutoyo SJ-210 Series 178, 178-561-02A Portable Surface Roughness tester combines high accuracy and measurement speed with numerous innovative features creating a new class leader in surface inspection. This model is has a Standard type Drive unit with 4mN detector measuring force. The SJ-210 can be operated easily using the buttons on the front of the unit and under the sliding cover. It can store up to 10 measurement conditions and one measured profile in the internal memory. Access to each feature can be password-protected, which prevents unintended operations and allows you to protect your settings. The display interface supports 16 languages, which can be freely switched. Also, in addition to calculation results, the Surftest SJ-210 can display sectional calculation results and assessed profiles, load curves and amplitude distribution curves.

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