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Mitutoyo 293-676 Quickmike Micrometer 0-1.2
Mitutoyo 293-676 Quickmike Micrometer

Mitutoyo 293-676 Quickmike Micrometer 0-1.2"/ 30.8mm IP54 SPC

Part Number:: 293-676
MFG ID: 293-676
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The Mitutoyo 293-676 Quickmike Absolute Digimatic Micrometer has a measuring range of 0-1.2"/ 30.8mm with +/- .0001" Accuracy. This series features a non-rotating spindle and ratchet friction thimble, absolute linear scale, IP54 dust and water protection, SPC data output and Standard bar to set the origin point (only on models over 30mm/1.2" range). A speedy spindle feed of 10mm/.4" per thimble rotation as compared to the conventional micrometer with 0.5mm/.025" per rotation and a wide measuring range allows for various work pieces with different shapes to be measured quickly.

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