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Mitutoyo 530-105 Vernier Caliper 0-6
Mitutoyo 530-105 Vernier Caliper

Mitutoyo 530-105 Vernier Caliper 0-6" Range-IN Dual Scale

Part Number:: 530-105
MFG ID: 530-105
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Retail Price:$105.00
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The Mitutoyo 530-105 Standard Model Vernier Caliper has an Inch/Inch dual scale with a measuring range of 0 to 6" with a Lower Scale Graduation of .001", Upper Scale Graduation of 1/128" and an accuracy of +/- .0015". Features a small face angle of 14 degrees which provides easy reading. This Vernier Caliper can measure Outside Diameter, Inside Diameter, depth and steps. Furnished in Satin Stainless Steel with easy reading graduations. Equipped with a lock screw for holding the sliding jaw position allowing the user to get easy measurements.

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