Mitutoyo 542-071A EH-102P Multi-Function Double Display

by Mitutoyo
ID#: 542-071A-MIT
|MFGID: 542-071A
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Product Information


Mitutoyo EH-102P Counter 542-071A Multi-Function display unit is a DIN compatible panel-mounting type with DIN size of 144 x 72mm. It can be easily incorporated into each system instrument. This counter can be used on a desktop by mounting it on the supplied stand leg. The standard RS-232C interface allows easy communication with an external PC. Equipped with an RS Link Function that permits multiple EH counters (6 units maximum) to be connected with daisy chain and data to be input/output from one channel of the terminal RS-232C interface. Also, the maximum value, minimum value and TIR (runout) measurements are possible. The unit can also perform 2-axis display and make addition or subtraction calculations between 2 gages. This model is a Double-display unit that is applicable with gages, LGK, LGF (excluding with scale reference point)LGB, LGH (0.1um)


  • Specifications:.000005, .00005, .0005in 0.0001, 0.0005,0.001, 0.005,0.01mm

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