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Mitutoyo 543-402 ID-C Indicator .5
Mitutoyo 543-402 Digital Indicator

Mitutoyo 543-402 ID-C Indicator .5"/12.7mm .0005" .01mm Res-Lug Back

Part Number:: 543-402
MFG ID: 543-402
Sale Price $279.00 $265.05
Retail Price:$310.00
Your Savings:$44.95(14%)
Sale Price for this item ends December 21st, 2018

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The Mitutoyo 543-402 IDC Absolute Digimatic Indicator has a Lug Back, 3/8" Stem diameter and .5"/12.7mm Measuring Range with a .0005"/0.01mm Resolution and a Measuring Force of 0.9N or Less. The face can be rotated 330 degrees to allow for easy reading and includes SPC data output with IP42 Rated Protection. This is a standard, compact type with a large, easy-to-read, LCD Screen. The GO/+-NG judgement can be performed by setting upper and lower tolerance limits. The judgement result can be displayed in full-size characteristics. The positive/negative count resulting from the spindle's up/down movement can be toggled. Due to the Absolute linear encoder technology, the spindle always displays the absolute position from the origin at power-on. Over-speed errors are eliminated because of the unlimited response speed.

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