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Mitutoyo 543-552A IDF Digimatic Indicator .00005
Mitutoyo 543-552A Digital Indicator

Mitutoyo 543-552A IDF Digimatic Indicator .00005"/.0001"/.0005"/.001"/0.001mm/0.01mm X 1" 3/8" Stem Flat Back

Part Number:: 543-552A
MFG ID: 543-552A
Sale Price $600.30 $540.27
Retail Price:$667.00
Your Savings:$126.73(19%)
Sale Price for this item ends December 21st, 2018

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The Mitutoyo 543-552A IDF Absolute Digimatic Indicators have Absolute Linear Encoder Technology, which means, once the measurement reference point has been preset, it will not be lost when the power is turned on. GO/+-NG judgement is performed by setting the upper and lower tolerances. If a judgement result is out of tolerance, the display back lighting changes from green to red, so tolerance judgement can be made at a glance. An analog bar indicator has been integrated to handle upper and lower limit approaching and zero approaching. It enhances the ease of operation in the same manner as a dial indicator. The display range of the analog bar can be displayed. Also includes SPC data output. This model has a measuring range of 0-1"/ 0-25.4mm with a 3-8" stem diameter and .00005", .0001", .0005", .001"/ 0.001mm, 0.01mm Resolution.

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