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Mitutoyo 547-217S Depth Gage .0005
Mitutoyo 547-217S Digital Indicator

Mitutoyo 547-217S Depth Gage .0005"/0.01mm Res, 2.5" Base

Part Number:: 547-217S
MFG ID: 547-217S
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The Mitutyo 547-217S Absolute Digimatic Depth Gage has a measuring range of 0-8"/ 200mm with .0005"/0.01mm Resolution and a 2.5" x .63" Base with .0002" Flatness. This model includes 4 Extension Rods (.5",1",2" & 4"), inch/metric conversion and SPC data output. The Absolute Digimatic Depth Gage can keep track of the origin point once set for the entire life of the battery. The bottom surface of the base is hardened, ground and lapped for the highest degree of flatness. Wide probing range is available with the supplied extension rod.

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