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Mitutoyo 547-500S Thickness Gage .47
Mitutoyo 547-500S Thickness Gage (Photo Representation Only)

Mitutoyo 547-500S Thickness Gage .47"/ 12mm-Standard, Flat Anvil

Part Number:: 547-500S
MFG ID: 547-500S
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Retail Price:$282.00
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The Mitutoyo 547-500S Digimatic Thickness Gage has a Range of .47"/12mm with .0005"/0.01mm Resolution. This model is a Standard Type and reads both inch and metric with a Flat Anvil. These digital Thickness Gages offer a quick and efficient means of inspection with the convenient grip handle, thumb trigger and spring-loaded spindle. Includes SPC data output. The various models cover a wide range of applications.

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