Mitutoyo 64PKA089B PH-3515F Horizontal Profile Projector with KA Counter and Tray

Brand: Mitutoyo
ID#: 64PKA089B-MIT
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Mitutoyo 64PKA089B 172-868A Includes the PH-3515F Horizontal Bench-top Profile Projector with the KA Counter and Tray. The KA Counter is a high performance, low cost 2-axis counter with traditional and advanced linear functions. The PH-3515F Profile Projector features a 14" diameter protractor screen with cross-hairs and staggered lines for easy alignment. A digital angle measurement of 1' or 0.01 degree with built in angle counter is also provided along with Halogen contour illumination and Fiber-optic illumination cables and halogen. This machine is suitable for thread pitch measurements, free from blurred or distorted images when the work-piece is angled.


  • Range:X=10", Y=6"
  • Type:Horizontal with KA Counter, Tray

Info and Guides


ID#Product NamePrice
12AAE671-MITMitutoyo 12AAE671 Detector Attachment A for Optoeye $42.40
172-001-MITMitutoyo 172-001 CHIPPING SAW BLADE CLAMPING JIG $662.44
172-002-MITMitutoyo 172-002 CUTTING SAW BLADE CLAMPING JIG $790.60
172-116-MITMitutoyo 172-116 STANDARD SCALE $178.10
172-117-MITMitutoyo 172-117 STANDARD SCALE $166.79
172-118-MITMitutoyo 172-118 READING SCALE $257.25
172-119-MITMitutoyo 172-119 READING SCALE $257.25
172-132-MITMitutoyo 172-132 Vertical Holder Work Piece Fixture $406.13
172-142-MITMitutoyo 172-142 Center Support Work Piece Fixture $854.68
172-143-MITMitutoyo 172-143 RISER FOR CENTER STAGE $466.44
172-144-MITMitutoyo 172-144 Rotary Vise Work Piece Fixture $812.27
172-145-MITMitutoyo 172-145 5X LENS SET FOR PH-3515F $2,968.27
172-161-MITMitutoyo 172-161 READING SCALE $313.79
172-162-MITMitutoyo 172-162 READING SCALE $341.12
172-166-MITMitutoyo 172-166 100X PROJECTION LENS SET/PH3515F $1,366.35
172-234-MITMitutoyo 172-234 V-block with Clamp Fixture Max Dia 50mm Block Width 60mm $724.63
172-286-MITMitutoyo 172-286 GREEN FILTER FOR PJ500 $331.69
172-423-MITMitutoyo 172-423 SURFACE ILLUMINATION UNIT FOR PH3515F $839.60
174-183A-MITMitutoyo 174-183A KA-212 Two Axis Counter for Profile Projector $609.68
264-156A-MITMitutoyo 264-156A QM-200 Data Processing 2-D Unit Arm-Mount type $2,826.93
332-151-MITMitutoyo 332-151 Optoeye 200 $1,715.00
64AAB149-MITMitutoyo 64AAB149 Counter Tray for PH-A14/PH-3515F $146.82
64AAB176-MITMitutoyo 64AAB176 Stand for PH-3515 Profile Projector $699.05
64PKA156A-MITMitutoyo 64PKA156A M2 Non-Edge Detection Unit-W/Touchscreen PC Retrofit for PH-3515 Profile Projector $4,419.43
64PKA157A-MITMitutoyo Retrofit Package /w Edge Detection for PH-3515 Profile Projector - 64PKA157A $5,329.69