Mitutoyo PH-3515 Profile Projector with M2 2D Processor, Optical Edge Detection and ASUS PRO Touchscreen PC - 64PKA165

Brand: Mitutoyo
ID#: 64PKA165-MIT
|MFGID: 64PKA165
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Product Information


The PH-3515 Profile Projector with M2 2D Processor is a horizontal projector equipped with accurate linear glass scales and touch screen M2 geometric measurement display. Features include: touch screen tablet and easy 2D processing for measuring dimensions, along with a choice of standard, edge detection or all-in-one packages.


  • Type:Optical Comparator
  • Accuracy:+/-0.1% Or Less (Contour), +/-0.15% Or Less (Surface)
  • Details:Screen Size: 14" / 353mm
    Reference Line: Cross Hair
    Projection Lenses: Standard Accessory 10x ( 172-184), optional accessories: 5x, 20x, 50x, and 100x
    Image Type: Erect Image
    Measuring Unit: Linear Scale
    Interface: Touch Screen PC and Edge Detection
  • Resolution:0.0001 in/0.001mm


• Floating work stage provides moves with precision for better accuracy and can handle workloads up to 100 lbs.
• Fiber optic cables provide surface illumination for better, more natural workpiece visibility
• Generous 10” x 6” x- and y-axis work stage travel delivers generous range to cover many application needs
• Digital protractor displays in absolute or incremental units for angle measurements
• Image displays erect on the high brightness screen
• Screen rotates 360° for infinite viewing options
• 2D measurement processing is available through the use of the QM data or M2 software
• Variety of workpiece fixtures available to accommodate different parts


ID#Product NamePrice
12AAE671-MITMitutoyo 12AAE671 Detector Attachment A for Optoeye $42.40
172-001-MITMitutoyo 172-001 CHIPPING SAW BLADE CLAMPING JIG $662.44
172-002-MITMitutoyo 172-002 CUTTING SAW BLADE CLAMPING JIG $790.60
172-116-MITMitutoyo 172-116 STANDARD SCALE $178.10
172-117-MITMitutoyo 172-117 STANDARD SCALE $166.79
172-118-MITMitutoyo 172-118 READING SCALE $257.25
172-119-MITMitutoyo 172-119 READING SCALE $257.25
172-132-MITMitutoyo 172-132 Vertical Holder Work Piece Fixture $406.13
172-142-MITMitutoyo 172-142 Center Support Work Piece Fixture $854.68
172-143-MITMitutoyo 172-143 RISER FOR CENTER STAGE $466.44
172-144-MITMitutoyo 172-144 Rotary Vise Work Piece Fixture $812.27
172-145-MITMitutoyo 172-145 5X LENS SET FOR PH-3515F $2,968.27
172-161-MITMitutoyo 172-161 READING SCALE $313.79
172-162-MITMitutoyo 172-162 READING SCALE $341.12
172-166-MITMitutoyo 172-166 100X PROJECTION LENS SET/PH3515F $1,366.35
172-234-MITMitutoyo 172-234 V-block with Clamp Fixture Max Dia 50mm Block Width 60mm $724.63
172-286-MITMitutoyo 172-286 GREEN FILTER FOR PJ500 $331.69
172-423-MITMitutoyo 172-423 SURFACE ILLUMINATION UNIT FOR PH3515F $839.60
174-183A-MITMitutoyo 174-183A KA-212 Two Axis Counter for Profile Projector $609.68
264-156A-MITMitutoyo 264-156A QM-200 Data Processing 2-D Unit Arm-Mount type $2,826.93
332-151-MITMitutoyo 332-151 Optoeye 200 $1,715.00
64AAB149-MITMitutoyo 64AAB149 Counter Tray for PH-A14/PH-3515F $146.82
64AAB176-MITMitutoyo 64AAB176 Stand for PH-3515 Profile Projector $699.05