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Pricing Disclaimer: MSI-VIKING.com offers more than 50,000 products from more than 70 manufacturers and suppliers.  We make every effort to keep prices on our website up to date based upon information provided by manufacturers.  Occasionally purchases are made on our site which are subject to pricing mistakes due to misinformation from the manufacturer or input error.  If this happens a customer care specialist will contact you immediately to provide you with options.  We maintain the right to refuse to sell a product which is priced incorrectly, but will give you the opportunity to choose our best price possible, alternative product options or we will be happy to provide a credit to your card if it has already been charged.

Inventory Disclaimer: Due to the tremendous number and range of products offered by MSI-VIKING.com the large majority of products on our website are not held in inventory in our own warehouse.  This is why you'll find such competitive low prices at MSI-VIKING.com.  Most products are drop-shipped from the manufacturer directly to you whenever possible, but some manufacturers require that items are shipped to us and then we ship to you .  Also, while most products are available from our manufacturers' U.S. plants, some do come from their overseas facilities.

Every effort is made to deliver products to you as soon as possible and available.  We do our very best to provide you with an accurate expected date of delivery; however, we are sometimes under the constraints of manufacturers' available inventory and international shipping delays. In these cases we do appreciate your patience and will do our best to work out solutions with you when necessary.

Thank You.