PrymeFix N12-PRY-STD-001 N12 Micro Corner Puck (1 x 1)

Brand: PrymeTech
ID#: N12-PRY-STD-001-PRY
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Product Information


Magnetic Corner Pucks can be mounted on a guide rail system or screwed directly onto a machine stage. Every puck has magnets on 2 sides allowing them to snap to all PrymeFix Inserts (both aluminum and acrylic). When mounted onto a guide rail system, pucks can be moved to any custom position. Once positioned, the set screws can be tightened to lock the Corner Puck in place.


  • Dimensions: 1" x 1"
  • Magnetic hold
  • Fully adjustable along guide rails
  • Can mount directly to measurement system
  • Mounting kit included

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