Starrett 123Z-48 Master Vernier Caliper; 0-48" Range-Case

by Starrett
ID#: 123Z-48-STR
|MFGID: 123Z-48
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Product Information


The Starrett 123Z-48 Master Vernier Caliper has a measuring Range of 0-48" with 1-3-8" Bar Width, 3" Jaw Depth and .500" Maximum Nib Width closed. Equipped with half as many bar graduations as a conventional single-vernier tool, is easy to read and has machine divided graduations. Features tight, smoothly fitted slides and a no glare satin chrome finish. Also includes long 50-division vernier scales, an open-face design, screw-type adjusting nut allows for fine measuring adjustments and a lock nut holds the measurements, hardened, ground and lapped measuring surfaces and constructed of fine tool steel. Supplied with a finished wooden case.


  • Range:0-48"
  • Graduation:0.001"
  • Type:English. Approx Jaw Depth=3"
  • Accuracy:+--.0005" per foot
  • Details:Bar Width is 1-3-8". Max Nib Width Closed: .500"