Starrett 124MDZ Inside Micrometer Set; 50-800mm Range-10 Rods, Case

by Starrett
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Product Information


The Starrett 124MDZ Solid-Rod Inside Micrometer Set has a measuring Range of 50-800mm, 0.01mm graduations and 10 Rods with a Padded Case. Measuring rods are provided with a shoulder that is set accurately in the micrometer head and locked in position. When assembling rods to A and B heads, the reading line on the micrometer head should be lined up with the marking on each rod (except for the 2-3" and the 50-75mm rods). Rod diameters are approximately 1-4"- 6mm on the A and B sizes and approximately 11-32"- 8.5mm on the C size. Each rod has individual length adjustment for the anvil by means of special wrenches furnished. It is the most popular inside micrometer because of their lightness, ease of use and Range. This Series is very useful for measuring inside diameters of cylinders and rings as well as parallel surfaces. The desired Range is obtained by assembling rods and spring collars to the micrometer head.


  • Range:50-800mm
  • Graduation:0.01mm
  • Type:Set of 10 Rods in Case
  • Accuracy:+--.003mm per 25mm
  • Details:Screw Movement is 13 & 25mm (2 Heads). Spacing Collars: One 12mm; One 25mm; Two 50mm

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