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Starrett 25-441/5P Dial Indicator 2-1/4
Starrett 25-441/5P Dial Indicator

Starrett 25-441/5P Dial Indicator 2-1/4" .500" 0-100 Dial-Plain Bearings

Part Number:: 25-441/5P
MFG ID: 25-441/5P
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The Starrett 25-441/5P Dial Indicator a hardened steel gear train and Plain bearings. Furnished with a lug-on-center back, sharp bezel serrations to provide a positive grip and an unbreakable crystal dial face with non-reflecting white eggshell finish. This model has a Range of .500", .001" Graduations and a 0-100 Dial Reading with .100" Range one Revolution and .375" Stem diameter.

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