Starrett 456MBZ Gear Tooth Caliper; 2-1-2 to 25mm Module Range-Case

Brand: Starrett
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Product Information


The Starrett 456MBZ Gear Tooth Vernier Caliper has a 2-1-2 to 25mm Module Range with 0.02mm graduation. It is designed to measure in .001" or 0.02mm the thickness of gear teeth at the pitch line (the chordal thickness of the teeth) using the distance from the top of a tooth to the chord. For the same purpose, it can also be used for measuring hobs, form and thread tools and more. This gage can be independently adjusted by screws on the graduated bars. Includes Case.


  • Range:2-1-2-25mm Module
  • Graduation:0.02mm
  • Type:Adjusted independently by screws on the graduated bars
  • Accuracy:+--.013mm per 300mm
  • Details:Metric, in Case

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