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Starrett 790AFL-1 Multi-Anvil Micrometer; 0-1
Starrett 790AFL-1 Multi-Anvil Micrometer -representation

Starrett 790AFL-1 Multi-Anvil Micrometer; 0-1" Range-Friction Thimble

Part Number:: 790AFL-1
MFG ID: 790AFL-1
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Retail Price:$750.00
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The Starrett 790AFL-1 Electronic Multi-Anvil Micrometer has a measuring Range of 0-1"/0-25mm. Includes a Friction Thimble with a Round and Flat Anvil. The 790 series includes SPC Data Output, a large, easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD digital readout for clear readings. Equipped with easily interchangeable anvils that provide a full Range of measurement of 1" or 25mm, this micrometer is flexible and versatile, making it a popular choice in machine or automotive repair shops. Its no-glare satin chrome finish minimized annoying surface glare under bright lights indoors or filters out UV light.

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