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Starrett 796XFL-1 Micrometer; 0-1
Starrett 796XFL-1 Micrometer -representation

Starrett 796XFL-1 Micrometer; 0-1" Range-Friction Thimble Range

Part Number:: 796XFL-1
MFG ID: 67828
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Retail Price:$184.00
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The Starrett 796XFL-1 Electronic Outside Micrometer has a measuring Range of 0-1"/25mm. Includes a Friction Thimble, Spindle Lock and Inch graduations. It has Carbide faces, a flat Anvil and a flat, extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle. The 796 Series features IP67 level of protection against coolant, water, chips, dirt, dust and other contaminants in hostile shop environments. This is a full-featured electronic micrometer and is built with customary Starrett quality and workmanship.

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