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Starrett F5005BZ-24/600; 0-24
Starrett F5005BZ-24/600 Electronic Caliper

Starrett F5005BZ-24/600; 0-24"/0-600mm; Electronic Long Jaw Caliper

Part Number:: F5005BZ-24/600
MFG ID: F5005BZ-24/600
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Retail Price:$3,475.00
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The Starrett F5005BZ-24/600 Electronic Caliper has a measuring Range of 0-24"/ 600mm and is built with extra long jaws. Ideal for applications requiring precise outside dimension measurement in tight spaces that standard calipers can not reach. Hardened stainless steel construction makes for a long life and it offers tight, smoothly fitted slides for maximum accuracy and easy adjustment. The 5005 Electronic Long Jaw Caliper is Coolant resistant, has a Rolling Thumb Wheel, Control Buttons on Face, Zero, On/Off, Inch/mm conversion, Two preset Modes and Zero at any position.

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