Starrett Force MMS-5000-L3 Material Measurement System

Brand: Starrett
ID#: MMS-5000-L3-STR
|MFGID: MMS-5000-L3
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Starrett Force MMS-5000-L3 Material Measurement System, with 5000N Test Frame, L3 Controller and Software.

Accurate and easy to use. When you need an easy-to-use measurement system for accurately and precisely determining load, distance, and break applications or more complex material testing applications like Young's Modulus, tensile strength, stress or strain, the FMS and MMS series test frames are the answer. Available in 1000N(225lbf), 2500N(562lbf), and 5000N (1124lbf) capacities.

The FMS series test frame supports L2, L2 Plus, and L3 versions of the Lx software. The MMS is the material testing version with higher accuracy encoders and extensomer support to work in conjuction with the Starrett L3 software. It's the accuracy, repeatability, and simplicity you expect from Starrett.