Starrett HD42.A1X Heavy Duty Steel Gage Block Set-Inch 42 Pcs Grade 0

Brand: Starrett
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The Starrett HD42.A1X Heavy-Duty Rectangular INCH Gage Block Set contains 42 Blocks and Accessories included. Featuring 9 blocks .1001 through .1009 (Steps of .0001), 9 blocks .101 through .109 (Steps of .001), 9 blocks .110 through .190 (Steps of .100), 4 blocks 1.000 through 4.000 (Steps of 1"), 2 blocks 6.000 and 6 Eccentric Clamps and Accessories. This set has a B89.1.9 0 Accuracy Grade. Constructed of Heavy-Duty Steel. These heavy-duty gage block sets are primarily used for assembling together into exclusive Webber fixtures. Precision "yardsticks" and height gages can be built up to a required dimension by wringing blocks together and then by the use of eccentric clamps, locking them into place. All blocks over 1" long have 1-4" holes that accept eccentric clamps. All blocks 6" or larger have an insulated center grip to eliminate temperature variations caused by handling.


  • Type:Steel Inch
  • Details:Set of 42 Pieces
  • Specifications:Grade 0

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