Starrett RC45.MAA Rec croblox® Gage Block Set-Metric 45 Pcs Grade 00

Brand: Starrett
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The Starrett CROBLOX RC45.MAA Rectangular METRIC Gage Block Set contains 45 Blocks featuring 9 blocks 1.001mm through 1.009mm (Steps of .001mm), 9 blocks 1.01mm through 1.09mm (Steps of .01mm), 9 blocks 1.1mm through 1.9mm (Steps of .1mm), 9 blocks 1mm through 9mm (Steps of 1mm) and 9 blocks 10mm through 90mm (Steps of 10mm). This set has a B89.1.9 00 Accuracy Grade. Constructed of Chromium Carbide which is the superior gage block material. Making these gage blocks the most stable measuring devices ever developed. Considered to be the top of the line, finest available.


  • Type:Rectangular Chromium Carbide Metric
  • Details:Set of 45 Pieces
  • Specifications:Grade 00

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