Starrett Force SCISSOR-11-20A-1 Scissor Fixture; 20kN- 4500lbf-Stainless

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Starrett SCISSOR-11-20A-1 Scissor Fixture has a load capacity of 20kN- 4500lbf with 0-19mm Opening Width and 50mm to 100mm Sample Width. This a pincer-type test fixture. Constructed of Stainless Steel and is self-aligning and self-tightening. As tensile load is applied, the grip faces tighten onto the sample. Supplied as a pair of upper and lower grips. Does not come with jaws, must be ordered separately.


  • Range:20kN- 4500lbf
  • Type:Stainless Steel Scissor Fixture
  • Details:Opening Width: 0-19mm Sample Width: 50mm and 100mm Operating Temperature: -70°C to +130°C


ID#Product NamePrice
JAW11-20-B100-STRStarrett Force JAW11-20-B100 Jaw Face Set $959.27
JAW11-20-B50-STRStarrett Force JAW11-20-B50 Jaw Face Set $619.10
JAW11-20-PY100-STRStarrett Force JAW11-20-PY100 Jaw Face Set $1,198.62
JAW11-20-PY50-STRStarrett Force JAW11-20-PY50 Jaw Face Set $959.27
JAW11-20-RD50-STRStarrett Force JAW11-20-RD50 Jaw Face Set $790.60
JAW11-20-VEE4-STRStarrett Force JAW11-20-VEE4 Jaw Face Set $2,630.93
JAW11-20-WV100-STRStarrett Force JAW11-20-WV100 Jaw Face Set $1,470.00
JAW11-20-WV50-STRStarrett Force JAW11-20-WV50 Jaw Face Set $1,143.02