Starrett V1212MXRL Micrometer 25-50mm .001mm Grad-Ratchet Locknut Carbide

by Starrett
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Product Information


The Starrett V1212MXRL Stainless Steel Micrometer has a measuring Range of 25-50mm and 0.001mm graduations with a Ratchet Thimble, Lock Nut, Carbide, Flat Anvil and Spindle. Includes a Gage Block Standard. Its advanced sleeve design with staggered lines and distinct figures provide precise and easy readability. The balanced frame and thimble design ensures easy handling and better readability. A gracefully designed tapered frame makes this micrometer capable of reaching narrow slots and tight places and can be easily and quickly adjusted. Is equipped with quick-reading figures and can reach places most micrometers cannot. For use under adverse atmospheric and operating conditions and features an extremely hard, stable one-piece spindle.


  • Range:25-50mm
  • Graduation:0.001mm
  • Type:Carbide Flat Anvil, Flat Spindle. Lock Nut
  • Accuracy:+-- .002mm