Starrett Force VISE-154A-10-1 Vise Action Fixture; 10kN- 2250lbf-Aluminum

Brand: Starrett
ID#: VISE-154A-10-1-STR
|MFGID: VISE-154A-10-1
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Product Information


Starrett VISE-154A-10-1 Vise Action Fixture has a Load Capacity of 10kN- 2250lbf with an adapter size of 15.9mm- 5-8" and is constructed of Aluminum. Vise Action Fixtures are used to simplify sample tightening and ideal for general purpose tensile testing. This model is supplied without jaw faces and should be ordered separately. See CARRIER-154 or JAW-154 Series for available jaw sets. Supplied in a pair (upper and lower).


  • Range:10kN- 2250lbf
  • Type:Aluminum Vise
  • Accuracy:Adapter Size: 15.9mm- 5-8" Operating Temperature: 0°C to +180°C


ID#Product NamePrice
JAW154-B100-STRStarrett Force JAW154-B100 Jaw Face Set $584.23
JAW154-B60-STRStarrett Force JAW154-B60 Jaw Face Set $516.38
JAW154-BR100-STRStarrett Force JAW154-BR100 Jaw Face Set $780.23
JAW154-BR60-STRStarrett Force JAW154-BR60 Jaw Face Set $680.35
JAW154-D100-STRStarrett Force JAW154-D100 Jaw Face Set $1,065.75
JAW154-D60-STRStarrett Force JAW154-D60 Jaw Face Set $926.29
JAW154-PY100-STRStarrett Force JAW154-PY100 Jaw Face Set $870.69
JAW154-PY60-STRStarrett Force JAW154-PY60 Jaw Face Set $761.38
JAW154-V4-STRStarrett Force JAW154-V4 Jaw Face Set $777.40
JAW154-V8-STRStarrett Force JAW154-V8 Jaw Face Set $777.40
JAW154-WV100-STRStarrett Force JAW154-WV100 Jaw Face Set $895.19
JAW154-WV60-STRStarrett Force JAW154-WV60 Jaw Face Set $783.06