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TESA 00730043 TESA-Hite 400 Electronic Height Gage 16-inch
Brown & Sharpe Tesa-Hite 400 Height Gage

TESA 00730043 TESA-Hite 400 Electronic Height Gage 16-inch

Part Number:: 730043
MFG ID: 24675
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Retail Price:$4,790.00
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TESA 00730043 TESA-Hite 400 Electronic Height Gage has a 16"/415mm measuring span and fitted with the patented, opto-electronic TESA's measuring system with incremental glass scale. Due to their robust and reliable construction, they are ideally suited for dimensional inspection on the shop floor. Features a wide application range, integrated air-bearing for easy displacement across the granite plate and the electronics are totally protected with IP65 against oil and water splashing as well as dust particles. Includes a control panel with numerical display and dynamic probing of the work-piece with a constant measuring force. Used to check bores or shafts with ease, provides an acoustic signal to acknowledge value capture, measures any deviation in parallelism. Provided with a large LC display with symbols for measuring functions, zero-setting anywhere within the measuring range, Preset function for entering any given value, inch/metric conversion and RS 232 Data Output.

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