Tohnichi SF-F-FR Series, Model 460F Beam Type Torque Wrench Direct Reading with Scale Plate, 50-460 kgf·cm

Brand: Tohnichi
ID#: 460F-TOH
|MFGID: 460F
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  • Yes - A2LA Calibration Torque Wrench - 0 - 500 lbf.ft (6,000, 677.91 N.m) - CW Only (+ $69.00)
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Product Information


Tohnichi QF-QFR Series, Model QF560N Beam Type Ratchet Head Torque Wrench Direct Reading, 100-560 N·m, 3/4" Square Drive


  • Range:50-460 kgf·cm
  • Type:Torque Wrench
  • Accuracy:±3%
  • Details:Beam Type
  • Specifications:Inspection


ID#Product NamePrice
120SF-TOHTohnichi CDB-S Series, Model 3000CDB-A-S Interchangeable Head Dial Indicating Torque Wrench with Direct Reading Memory Pointer, 20-220 lbf·ft, w/ 1/4" Square Drive $131.49
1300F-TOHTohnichi CL Series, Model CL30IX8D Interchangeable Head Adjustable Torque Wrench, 6-30 lbf·in, w/ 1/2" Square Drive $173.95
15SF-TOHTohnichi MQSP Series, Model MQSP100N Marking Type Ratchet Head Preset Torque Wrench, w/ 1/4" Square Drive $98.00
1900F-TOHTohnichi TME2 Series, Model 3TME50CN2-M Digital Torque Meter Pole Clamping, 1000-5000 gf·cm, w/ 1/2" Square Drive $181.30
230F-TOHTohnichi ST3-G Series, Model ST15N3-6.35-G SpinTork Digital Rotary Peak Torque Meter, 4-15 N·m|0.4-1.5 kgf·m|3-11 lbf·ft, w/ 3/8" Square Drive $127.40
30SF-TOHTohnichi SF-F-FR Series, Model 30SF Beam Type Torque Wrench Direct Reading with Scale Plate, 5-30 kgf·cm $108.61
4SF-TOHTohnichi MPQL Series, Model 450MPQL-A Marking Type Ratchet Head Pre-Lock Torque Wrench, 100-400 lbf·in, w/ 1/4" Square Drive $94.74
60SF-TOHTohnichi TCC2 Series, Model TCC100N2-G Digital Torque Wrench Tester with Manual Handle, 1-100 N·m|10-1000kgf·cm|9-885 lbf·in, w/ 1/4" Square Drive $131.49
7SF-TOHTohnichi SF-F-FR Series, Model 7SF Beam Type Torque Wrench Direct Reading with Scale Plate, 1-7 kgf·cm $96.36
920F-TOHTohnichi TCF Series, Model TCF2N Fixed Reaction Torque Sensor, 0.2-2 N·m, w/ 1/2" Square Drive $148.64