One Measuring System, Many Choices

VICIVISION, a world leader in shaft measuring technology, now provides a completely new measuring function for shafts, combining the specific optical know-how method with a Touch Probe measuring system. The Optical Measuring system, made of telecentric lens, a light source, a rotation system, and sensors, provides a long list of measurements to hundreds of shaft and cylindrical part manufacturers. 

The Touch Probe

Today, the combination of optical and tactile functions result in a complete measuring control for turned parts in just one cycle. The unbeatable price-performance measuring system is now enriched with a Renishaw Scanning Probe, mounted on the top of the light source. The probe is interchangeable and covers the whole length area.

Optical and Tactile Combination

While the optical measuring system quickly provides static, geometric, thread, form, and nut measurements, the touch system provides the added benefit of detecting features that are not optically measurable.

The optical and touch combo gives to end users the possibility of measuring various points and elements, such as axial and total axial run-out, length, planarity, perpendicularity, keyway width, keyway depth, and keyway length. The new Touch Probe from VICIVISION is an optional feature for new M Series, X Series, and Techno Range units. These probes are perfect for applications in the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries, just to name a few.

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